Evernight: The Darkest Fantasy

Act Zero Part 1

The Adventure Begins

From the memoirs of Baron Kyle Loxlyn:

Four novice heroes have answered my urgent summons:

The two from the Order of Solace were excellent choices, if a bit on the young side. The sorceress would have been a welcome sight indeed had I been 10 years younger. The berserker looked a bit… rough and unkempt. All in all, a ragtag band of adventurers. But time is pressing and we'll have to make do with the tools we have.

I have sent them as advance scouts while my army musters. Roxbury stands upon an easily-defensible hill, and the defenses King Kaden ordered built around it could allow them to hold out for a few days, even against an overwhelming number of orcs.

But the reports of the orc horde's numbers… surely that must be a mistake! Or I'm sending those kids to certain death…



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