Evernight: The Darkest Fantasy

Act Zero Part 2

Of Orcs and Ogres

From the Journal of Adelmar, Headman of Roxbury:

A party of four young adventurers arrived last night, apparently sent by Baron Loxlyn of Stoutham. Solace has probably sent them our way as well, as two of them are servants of the Light. But I'm afraid four swords aren't much addition to the dozen spears we have. Still, we should hold out. The younger Loxlyn takes after his father…

We lost Gedel and Hurk last night when the orcs made a night raid. A handful of the beasts circled around and sneaked into the breach by the north wall, while their ogre companion battered down the gates. Holy Light of Solace! They have an ogre in their ranks!

Thankfully, the four adventurers made short work of the monsters. The night seemed like day as the prayers of the sun priest fell three beasts. The farmers tell me the witch used some dark magic to instantly slay the brutish ogre. The berserker's a bit too wild for comfort (most of the women, as well as some of the men, feel uneasy around him); Menemond told me he peered through his window and saw the northman’s scimitar ripping off one of the orc's heads. Sir Amador, of course, was the most elegant, his sun armor a beacon of burning Light as he stood in the middle of the battle, inspiring his companions to fight on…

I may have misjudged their worth and skill.

The men started early today and worked hard, cutting down wood and digging holes. All under the direction of Sir Amador. He may look a little too young, but he has great leadership potential. The breach in the wall was repaired before midday and the men had time to devise defenses other than walls.

Soon, it will be sundown, and time again for our prayer meeting. Will the orcs attack again tonight? I wonder but I'm not worried. Clearly, Solace has indeed sent these heroes to us…

I trust and give myself fully into the Light. Solace shine over us. 



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