Evernight: The Darkest Fantasy

Act Zero Prologue

Against the Orcs!

Valusia has enjoyed peace since the Great Wars between the Races ended long ago. The people have settled down to enjoy a prosperous life under the benevolent rule of King Kaden. But trouble is brewing to the north, in the shadow of the Dread Mountains, where the savage orcs dwell.

A few weeks ago, hunters and trappers spotted large bands of roving orcs prowling along the borders of the Northern Marches. And then the northernmost villages started to fall to orc raiders. One by one, villages were being slaughtered by the orc horde. The few that escaped fled south, and slowly, news began to trickle down to Stoutham, the largest town of the Northern Marches.

Baron Kyle Loxlyn of Stoutham is no fool. He did not waste time mustering his forces, but still, he needed more time. The orc horde showed no signs of turning back and a small farming settlement, Roxbury, stood next in their warpath.

There was only one hope then: a small band of untried heroes, the best he could find on such short notice, must travel ahead of the army to try and stall the orcish scouts.

If the heroes succeed, Loxlyn's army could arrive in time to save Roxbury, and the young heroes would have taken their first steps towards matching the legends of the Seven.

If they fail… well, surely true heroes could stand against the orcs!



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