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  • Valusia

    The Crown Jewel of Tarth

    *Ruler:* King Crassus Kaden (ascended the throne 12 years ago and has ruled in peace since)

    The center of the known lands, Valusia is at peace with its neighboring nations. Bountiful …

  • The White Towns

    A loose confederation of barbaric northmen

    Held at bay by the impasse of the Dread Mountains, these barbarians are appeased by [[Valusia | Valusia]]'s King Kaden via lucrative trade agreements. Sometimes, however, a …

  • Kos

    The Golden Kingdom

    Although the bronze-hued people of exotic Kos rule the seas, they are friend to King Kaden of [[Valusia | Valusia]].

  • The Dragon Isles

    Tattoed warriors on fire-breathing ships

    The Dragon Isles is a small archipelago of volcanic isles known for the scores of draconic beasts dwelling within their fiery bowels. The people raid far and wide, frequently clashing with patrols from [[ …